Monday, October 31, 2005


I dont have to say a word.......


Sunday, October 30, 2005

hit the road JACK...

seriously, hit the road jack and dont ya come back no more NO MORE NO MORE........
I had a little heart to heart with Jack, needless to say he didnt agree with me and got a little upset with me so he then turned on me and made my night complete. Lets take a look at the check list...shall we.......

-drank beer CHECK
-did shots CHECK
-danced, or attempted to try atleast CHECK
-talked to random strangers CHECK
-got felt up by a man older then 40 CHECK
-spit while talking CHECK (Iam sure I did)
-laughed CHECK
-cried CHECK
-spilled shit CHECK
-thrown up CHECK CHECK and one more time CHECK
-pissed________(hehe) CHECK
-talked dirty CHECK

Sounds to me that the night was complete and I dont ever want to have a heart to heart with Jack ever again..........Mr. Daniels is NO FRIEND of mine!
(well he gets the blames, I dont want Mr. Crown Royal to be mad at me and then blame it all on Miss. Cranberry)

Sunday, October 23, 2005


It is truely amazing the lengths people will go for one ounce of attention.
I Should say, in HOPES of one ounce of attention!


I am sick today, well actually just more sick then the normal day! People are annoying today, well not all people, just ones that are not my
I had a weird ass dream last night, not to mention a guy that I use to date that called me at 5 am this morning to tell me he was in my driveway...ok WEIRD........go home its 5 am and I am sick and I need to get up in 3 hours, needless to say, I didnt get out of bed till 4 hours later, but I didnt sleep that good, cause he called me back at 6 am to tell me sorry for just showing up and calling me at 5 am.....People! Sometimes I cant help but find them funny and annoying.
I have had a ruff last 2 weeks, but I am pulling myself up and doing good. You cant depend on others to bring you happiness so you have to do it yourself. I find happiness in just being myself and loving myself and living life as to others find happiness in achivements, I am not one of those. You get an A on a test and feel good and for me, if I admit someone and they tell me how nice and wonderful I was...I have the same feeling...isnt that great. I just love to think that people have their own standards on happiness, I truely think it makes us better people to be different and still have the same feelings!
So to each and everyone .............................SMILE

you never know who will fall in love with your SMILE.........


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday night....

Ok, so I got carpet burn on a saturday night...calm down everyone. I was with a hottie or anything, I got carpet burn from playing the newly popular "Balloon Game", where you dont let it hit the floor, after 2 hours or so and many dive attempts to save it, I got carpet burn! Its not a good feeling, especially since it wasnt a hottie!

Maybe next

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lighter anyone...

Ok so I have a bad habit of getting lighters, sometimes they do belong to me and sometimes they dont. I even have friends that now take them for me. So I go to the airport and yes I seen the signs that said NO LIGHTERS and yes my friend even made it clear to me NO LIGHTERS, BUT last time I got lucky so I didnt think to much of it. I normally put some in my suitcase but this time I didnt and before I knew it, the security guy took all 8 of my lighters, and yes I said 8.......even my lucky one and my bad ass torch one! I was sooo upset about it, but there wasnt much I could do about it. But needless to say, I give them props to the men that check your bags but to the x-ray guy that sits on his ass...Did you really need to yell out that I had 2 in another bag?

Stay calm, my lighter count is already back up 5! Even though I no longer have the lucky or the torch one, I am going to be ok....


One thing we know is that History normally repeats itself. It may not happen just like it did the first time, but you can pretty much bet that it will repeat. No everything but come on now, history does have a bad habit of repeating. You already know how you felt, how it hurt and how you got over it but then it happens again and your still not sure why you are hurt or upset. You shouldnt let it get to you, for you got over it once before so you know you will this time, but yet you sit back and suck in all the pain and just go with it and think that it wont happen again, but it probably will. You will once again hurt, cry pointless tears and ask GOD ....why me.......

Monday, October 17, 2005

Tootsie Rolls

I just ate about 7 tootsie rolls. A mixture of mini, normal and fat ones and they made me think about Summer and New Orleans...hehe

WERE BACK.........

Ok so we made it back from lovely BOSTON and YES it ROCKED........
I seen many future exs husband and many many baby daddys!
So after many drinks, no sleep and lots of rain.........we are back. Glad to be back but at the same time, little sad that I couldnt bring back hottie from boston....but they did all get an invite to come

Lost a friendship on this trip, but made many new ones!

I will post pictures later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


The town of boston wont be covered with loud fans or pissed off fans......BUT it will be taken over by 3 ladies from the south! I hope someone contacts the police and has them on their toes this weekend!
Last time we went to New Orleans, they took away my lighter at the airport and then a month later Katrina came thru, so Boston airport, make note.....dont take away my lighter! It will be the curse that NEVER DIES..........hehe

I know the fans of the red sox are upset and still have tears pouring down, BUT its ok.....Help is on the way!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Moving on....

You may be acting under the idea that if "at first you dont succeed, try , try again". Keep in mind that this philosophy may work for some situations, but not for all. Right now, it will work if you keep trying and trying again with the same partner. Perhaps you are trying to bring a former relationship back to life and despite many failed attempts, you keep trying. Dont waste your time. You need to move on. Every time you get close again, the same old difficulties will return. The same old problems will arise. If you want to try again, then you need to try with smoemone new. In this way, the old adage will indeed make you successful. Just because a relationship doesnt work with one person doesnt mean that you are doomed forever. It just means that that person wasnt the one. Let him or her go and move on to someone else. The key is to not think that anything is wrong with you. The key is to simply realize that the partnership is simple not meant to be!

Friday, October 07, 2005

of all the things said...

so a lot of things were said last night that I cant remember or recall but there were some good ones but the BEST was this one....

Girl- so are yall sisters

B and myself laughing and I said....why yes, yes we are!
we went with it for the whole ride home, surely she didnt think we were serious!
She fell for it so now B is my sister for those that didnt know...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

We know something...

We know something you dont.....or do we......

Monday, October 03, 2005

what time is it?

Ok it is 8:49 and I get off work at 7:00

I am being a team player, someone tell me good job!

Did I mention that this was the first day in months that I got here ON TIME ALSO......and look I was punished for getting here ontime, I had to work over......

week of bad luck

Ok yesterday wore two different flip flops
Skirt and shirt and MATCHING shoes but little did I know I tucked my shirt in my underwear (thought it was the skirt) and then pulled my uderwear up and not the skirt so I walked around with me undies showing for a little bit today...they didnt match either!

Taken bets now on what it will be tomorrow...........

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Not sure how...

Ok, so I get up this morning around 9ish, nothing major. Yes it is sunday, Yes I had to work!
I had sleep I woke up feeling good, get ready for work, put on my shoes and out the door I go!
Stopped and got gas...(dont EVEN want to talk about that) Came to work, 30 mins late which is the normal for me. Check the emails, talk to Tish online and then I head out for break. I am the only one there waiting on a co worker when 4 more come out to chat it up, when I just happen to look down and I wore TWO DIFFERENT SHOES.........WTF

They are both black flip flops but ONE and only ONE has diamonds on it and the other one is just a normal black flip flop from Old Navy, so you can imagine what was running thru my head at this point.
I look down, freak out and then look up and here comes co-workers so instead of it being just me and one other one, it was a total of 4 and me and my non matching shoes.....

I still to this point dont know how I did this?
The shoe gods are pissed at me for not showing some love to the plain black ones!