Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Boston part 2

Well not offical but looking good, I am heading back to Boston in Oct. AT, B and myself are all going to jump on a plan and go back up there, I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The future husband doesnt know just yet, I am waiting till it is offical before I tell him! He already knows that I am planning on it, he just doesnt know when. He is also freaking out (well semi) cause we know some guys up there so he thinks he will have to compete with them and he doesnt. But he is NOTHING like them, so it should be good. He better be broke up with his harvard little buddy! I will kick his ass! lol.

We are planning on going Oct 13, just waiting for the boss to reply to the email that I sent a couple hours ago!

over and out!


Sunday, August 28, 2005

AT truely a blonde!

Ames wanted sugar free jello shots for her b-day, so we thought we could manage that. We were pressed for time, so we were sure if they would be ready in time for the get together aka THROW DOWN........
We are all talking and AT serious as can be looks at me and ask "Cant we just buy some already made jello from the deli at walmart and just stir in some vodka?"


Needless to say, we had time, we made them and I dont ever want to think, smell, taste, see or hear about them EVER AGAIN

3 Down and more to come...

So last night was Ames b-day. I was thinking..No big deal, after all it is just a small get together at the house and I can go to bed at anytime. WRONG Sitting at the table with the girls playing "I never", Ames never wins but she doesnt mind playing even though we pretty much know most things of everyone at the table, but then there is always K who never tells all!
Sitting there laughing with the girls and BAM here comes the sausage train..CHOOO CHOOO
and I aint even kidding. lol. They were really nice and cool, but maybe cause the odds were looking good!

Now, I need to pass out some awards

First Award- Best southern accent goes to B
Second Award is more of apperciation to Ames for being the "protector ....Au GRATIN" LMAO
Third Award to French Aimee-for getting the whole yelling thing started AHHHHHHHHHHHH and they did drink all the Jager, go get em!
Fourth Award goes to AT for the BEST pizza on EARTH, so good woke me up
and the final award goes to

***drum roll please*********

The FINAL award goes to the Porcelin(no, I dont know how to spell it) GOD, thanks for being there last night.

I KNOW I can not eat Jello shots, but yet I do it anyways. I need to learn my lesson....

We played some drinking games, ate some jello, drank some gin, got CRAZY!

and YES I am at work today while everyone is chilling at home....SHITHEADS

Sareo is coming up this weekend and I do NOT work on SUNDAY or MONDAY...WOOOOO HOOO for me.

I stayed true to form and was the meanie of the group, but they loved it!

Dont forget these things

here are a few things you should NEVER forget!

-when someone says, you should switch to beer now, its been awhile on that Gin, you should just switch
-if jello shots make you sick ALL the time, dont do them anymore, and dont hide the tray just so NO ONE eats them, THEY MAKE YOU SICK
-I will marry Dan one day...LMAO
-Dont go to the bathroom with strangers, weird things happen in there
-when a BFF says, we going to have to put that on your blog, write it down, you WONT remember it.
-When a BFF says, stay with Chris, he doesnt know anyone, that doesnt mean run inside to do jello shots that MAKE YOU SICK...just stay with the boy!
-Its not ok to drink GIN over and over.....Your not a BAD ASS
-Its not ok to take a shower when there is 4 people in the bathroom


I dont think I will make it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

HAPPY B-DAY..early

Just wanted to say HAPPY B-DAY to Ames who will be 26, ya old fart hehe just kidding.
I was going to write a few short stories and make your face turn red, but I will only do key words and see if you can think of what they are.

-Jump Rope.............meanie!
-Walking in the Creek........got ya back!
-Snowy hill/bike....I was so mad at you
-punch in the boob
-Look at my leg, wake up and look at my leg......GROSS
-You will wear that and we will go swimming....I was the meanie
-take this, ok sounds good, you did it then I will.....is that MY biscuit....well yes it is

I cant think of anymore right now, but I will probably think of something else on Sunday.



Congrats to Ames who has her first photo JOB


I just might

I just might get sunburned today walking across the parking lot here at work!

Monday, August 22, 2005


Ok, so for the longest time I never knew how to log in to blog, so AT sent me an email that had a link that I just clicked on and then I put in my ID and Passcode but now the loving AT has provided me with a link on her page so I know long have to check my email before I blog.
Not to mention that I didnt have to put my code in just now either, aint that fun for ME. It brought me right to the page that has new post and edit post...that ROCKS my friend.......
I love you more then AIR........LMAO...who says that? Not only did I say it, I WROTE it from the pen i soooo stole from Marky Mark....

Saturday, August 20, 2005

change youself

Nothing ever changes unless you want it and you are willing to change it yourself. So the one thing you should ask is.........Do you want it?

is it ok and then some

is it ok to be at the bar with over 5 people that you liked, crused, kissed and wanted at the same time?

Yes, I say it is ok, cause it all went on tonight and the shit pissed me off just for the simple fact that I cant win everyone.

My lackeys even try for me....

I have to give it up to my lackeys.....................I would be NOTHING without you all!

I know I dont express enough but I do love yall and you are my family and I dont think I would be me if it wasnt for you guys. I just want yall to know that yall have been there and done for me more then my own family.

So I love you all and I hope you all know that!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Can ya

Can you love someone but at the same time love being a lip slut?

Monday, August 15, 2005


Just another little thing that made me smile so I thought I would share~

Happiness keeps You Sweet,
Trials keep You Strong,
Sorrows keep You Human,
Failures keeps You Humble,
Success keeps You Glowing,
But Only God keeps You Going!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Corrected post

CONGRATS to my two friends ________ and ________, they are expecting their 3rd child, more details later!

no more CHICKEN...hehe

Ok, so I have mastered cooking of the chicken, thats ALL I EVER cook anymore, so this friday, dinner at my house and feel free to add to the menu!
But I am gonna try something new this friday, but dont worry I will keep a frozen pizza just incase! Feel free to invite friends, cause there might be an after party.......LOL!

ummm, lets eat around 6:30 ish.......maybe closer to 7.......

What do ya think?
Please remember to RSVP by thursday and dont forget to bring your manners and leave your shirt at the door!

*no, no clue what I am gonna make, but not chicken!

One thing you dont ask...

So I went out like a dummy last night, BUT SO WORTH IT, I think. Well I know B was loving it!
So.......There is this guy who we will call "Sunny Sunshade Singer or SSS", he is a good singer. Well a while back he made out with a certain someone that I know! No big deal.......RIGHT, he is a good singer!
Then we ran into him a couple weeks later and this young lady didnt say hello, hi, nice tongue, she just simply didnt speak and waited on being spoken to! He still didnt mention a simple sigh her way, so another friend confronts him, (dont worry wasnt me and yes she was nice about it) his come back was that he likes girls to be forward and talk to him and blah blah blah, I am a good singer who wears sunglasses all the time, so if she wants to say hello tell her to, cause this sun is killing my eyes!

So friend returns to other and says, you need to suck it up and go say hello, well needless to say, she didnt and she didnt get much of a response!
SO weeks go by, we snub him! Then BAM..........look who it is last night...SSS aka Sunny Sunshade Singer...........and he is all about my friend. So needless to say, I suppose that I was semi pissy with him, ok..ok...I was pissy.........he then looks at me and said "Emily, just get it out and tell me what you think of me"..........


You never under any circumstances ever ask me this unless you are my friend!


I get out of the car, and I am sure I slung my hair like a little miss priss, I probably even had a hand on the hip and I just let it all out.

Here is what I think of you........Your too cool for the sun, so take the sunglasses off, hehe kidding, I dont THINK I said that, but probably wanted to, but I did basically tell him that he wasnt cool........after 5 mins of letting it out, I stood there and he just said nicely, Emily I am really impressed most girls would of never said that to me......
Then the 2 guys in the car next to us, are rolling from laughing so hard and they did call me cool as shit.......didnt know shit was cool...but whatever.
I then just get back in the car and cont with the drunken calls!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Its my Friday!

So had a semi ruff week at work, just annoying co workers that I will return to love next week.

So ran into an ex this weekend, so I plotted it, nothing wrong with that!
He has now been calling me and I am not sure how I feel about that but then again I like it! Even though I am totally into my new guy, I really am. I havent liked/enojoyed a guy like I do him in a really really long time, so it feels nice to care about someone again and feel the extra happiness that someone can bring to you, even if he is a stupid male.......lol!
But I do always have my Boyfriend in boston, lol. But thats a whole 'nother entry in itself, maybe sunday.


entry deleted to protect the innocent

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hanging in there....

I am pretty sure that I have said on more then one occasion that I dont like people today! However, I must be a good actress cause I have had 3 people tell me how nice, sweet and helpful I am today!

Its so draining to be nice!

Gold BABY!

Travis Pastrana edges out Kenny Bartram to win his fifth X Games Freestyle contest.
Yes, I was a loser and was watching this at the bar and not giving a care about anything else! It was a good run!

do what........

I cant even give a recap of this weekend, so I wont bother.

Today is killing me.
The man that just walked in stinks so bad that I wanted to projectile vomit on his glasses.
I have a busy day ahead of me and its only 1:16
I seen 4 boys that I made out with last night, ohh hell lets just make it 5 guys, I am sure I seen a stranger that I kissed, but if you want the whole truth, there was 7 total that I have made out with before, well we wont say made out, we will say kissed!
I dont know how I got to work today even if I was late.
He will always been my weakness.
I like boys from boston!
Dont ever ride with more then 2 people up front! But its ok, cause I am gonna call my brother anyways.
I like AT's co worker, he soooo looks like an officer worker too!
Stay away from the big plastic ice cream cones on the side of the street.
He had a little girl.
Did a train hit me last night?
Eat plenty of cantalope! (sp)
One hell of a sleep tonight
He turned shit around of me!
I could of been in jail from friday night! BUT......I had to let them know that you DO not disrespect a female! (it was good enough then)
He was a sweetheart (in your best boston accent EVER)
I HATE jello but I ATE it!
I miss him
You annoy me
Just put it on_________ tap, he dont care!
2 Puffs, thats ALL you get from my cig.......
Why is it that everyone "thought they knew me" last night, did someone post me on the internet, I know I am there, just dont know where.
They wanted a taxi for 3 blocks
Dont sit in vomit
Go to the bathroom, piss wash then get the fuck out...damn, is it THAT HARD?
I want a hug
I want a clue
I want a key to the lock

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It is...well it WAS..

It was my b-day Aug 1.....

My lovely friends throw me a suprise b-day party which I LOVED!
I got several things that I love and wanted......I also went out later that night and well I was seeing double before I left.
I got a little sick needless to say but i had the BEST b-day since I was 1 yr old..hehe
Thank you to EVERYONE!

We did take some pics, well Nan took some, he was the camera police, I will add pic once AT puts them on her site and I am able to steal them from her..hehe