Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year

Ok it is 3:47 pm on New Years eve and I am at work. Thats all ok with me. I am not ok with not having anyone to kiss at 12:00 and normal I would be ok cause there is always HOPE that someone might be around to kiss at 12:00 but NOOOOO, not this year. Everyone is coming to the house and its mostly couples. So I have no one to kiss at midnight and no hope of maybe kissing someone.........BUT I will be ok.

My new years revolution is to try to get a tan this year!
*not bad...huh........

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fire Alarm

It was one night where Ames, Sareo and myself where all going to go to some club and check it out....I cant think of the name right now. But at the time the crush of my life (and yeah he crushed me) called and said, well why dont yall just come over here and drink, we got plenty of drinks and yall wont have to pay a dime. Well Ames had went and got 100% proof vodka for us to drink before we left so we would save money, so we are already been drinking "fire alarm" drinks when he had called. Them being my best friends had known that I really really wanted to go and hang out with him, so they said"ok em, lets go and hang out, save some money". So I was probably the MOST happiest person on EARTH at that time. I was gonna get to see my Heath~ers!

We drank one more drink and then made another one for the road. Ames drink she had made up had some juice and a lotta vodka.......but it was GOOD!

I could already tell I was buzzing MAJORLY in the car, so I knew it would be a good night.
We get to the apartment, which is a really really nice apartment by the way........

They didnt lie either, the fridge was fully loaded to the max. Even had diet cokes for me to drink when I needed to sober up!
Well the guys had got a Breath alizer (sp) test thingy, like the cops use. So the event of the night was to see who could blow the highest! I didnt

Well we went to the hot tub........played naked volley caught by some old people in the pool with my crush.....NO i dont know what I was thinking.

Come back the house to find a winner.........Ames had blown on the test thingy and it read "HOT HOT HOT" flashing in and out, so there was our winner..........Sareo ended up sick in the bathroom with steven "washing" her back....WE THINK
Ames ended up pulling the fire need to put reason in here, she thought it was a good idea at the time.
I am in the bed this whole time, thinking that it was an alarm clock going off....(i couldnt hear good or something), I am yelling at "crush" to turn the alarm clock off, he doesnt have a clue what I am talking about and then it hits us.....OMG THAT IS THE FIRE ALARM.....

Ames has at this point locked herself in the bathroom with Sareo..........I open the front door to only find the WHOLE apartment complex on the lawn in their PJS..........I run to the bathroom and luckly they let me in.
We all make it outside...............Needless to say.........Two people went to jail..........Ames being one of them for yelling at me...........but the best part is........she had to go to jail in over alls and a hawaiin shirt........LMAO...............
It was a really fun night up untill the fire alarm.......and that is why we now call any drink with 100% proof..........FIRE ALARM..................

So stay clear of this little demon, it will only cause problems...........

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I have had one hell of a day. I was really busy at work, which made the time go by fast but also meant I didnt get to goof off at all. We had a lot of people out today. But me being the superstar I am, I didnt spaz and we got it all done!
I am about to go home and probably take a nap or something! I dont know for sure. I am hungry but NOTHING sounds good to me!
I want candy, that is it. I just had a blow pop and it was GOOOODDD. I dont want sweet stuff like cup cakes or chocolate....I just want some Skittles.......or something.
I dont really have anything important to write and way to many people read this so I can speak freely and then again, I can speak freely about other things cause some people will never see it or hear about it..........Well if I make sure I say.........."Kyleo, dont repeat this"

*I'm feeling blahhhhhhhh, just plain special blah or anything, I need a pick me upper........i wont get one anytime soon, maybe in a month or two..........

Friday, December 17, 2004

Gold roads or 24/7 pain

When I was in 7th or 8th grade my best friend told me that I would go to "hell" if I was not baptised, I thought she was crazy and laughed in her face. I replyed with a ......."No Ames, you just have to be saved and have GOD in your life, DUH"......
For the next week or so I did semi freak out.

A couple years later my other best friend told me that I had to be saved after every sin or i would go to "hell", keep in mind this was just a month or two ago........I did the normal, laughed and said you and damn Ames........yall are nuts!
I went to bed that night seriously thinking "OMG will I go to hell, I cant handle Hell". I am pretty sure I had an anxiety attack that night. But then.......if that was the case everyone would be going to church everyday when they got off work, people sin everyday, every second......right?
That is my line of thinking, I dont even know if you HAVE to go to church to be saved.
When I think of hell I think, your worse fears being repeated over and over and over.......and for me that is ...............Getting kidnapped, thrown in a room full of Bees, wasp, any other kind of flying jumping bugs while getting the back of my ankles cut................Yeah I know, thats awful.
When I think of Heaven.........I think of sitting on a cloud with all my you can so tell that I want to go to heaven!

I just need to read more of the Bible and stop listening to my I know they were concerned that I wouldnt be able to sit on a cloud with them one day.

I pray and thank him for being my friend and always being there, amoung other things that dont need to be shared on my blog..................but I think my pray is ok and I only hope it will get me pass the pearly gates of heaven and on to my very own cloud!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


OK, I had a weird dream and just thought I would share it with all your fellow bloggers.

Keep in mind I did watch MTV challenge that night*

I was doing the challenge with all the MTV people, even Tonya was there and she was annoying me, but I WON the mission and for my prize I got to take a ride on J LO's Yacht! Which my mom was very very happy for me, she was laying out on the dock watching us during the mission and yelling at me. But I had a date with a hottie that day and he had asked me first to go on a ride on his boat, so I wanted to go on the date. I was sitting there stressed out cause I knew this new guy wouldnt believe me that I had won a ride on J LO's yacht and then I was standing there telling B and my mom about it, keep in mind Tonya was yelling in the back and B was huffing and puffing and so when I seen the yacht pull up I was excited, but I had B go and act like she was me so I could go on my date......lmao.......Keep in mind all this took place at my grandmas place.........FUNNY FUNNY

I woke up before I really got to go on my date but I got to see B walk on the yacht

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Ok, so for some reason I have been getting sleep but I just want more. I woke up in a bad mood today, not sure why, well you know just sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I was mean and pissy to someone who I shouldnt of but I will fix that later. Right now I just want to think about my bed with blankets and my blankey!
My sister got engaged this weekend......
My friend is having a baby........
My friend moved in a new place with her BF
My friend is still waiting on her baby to arrive, "she/he" is running a little late.
And as for B and myself.........we did the normal, drink away thoughts, crush hearts and lay on the couch all day.

I think I am the friend that will be single forever with like 1 dog and 3 cats. That is me, I am pretty sure of it! Doesnt really bother me, I think I would like it that way, just come to work pissed off cause the damn cat ran out the door instead of being pissed off cause "dude" wouldnt do the dishes so I slept on the couch.
See, either way you are going to have a bad day, but the thing is........the animals wont talk back and piss you off more or say the wrong thing, they will only do cute and sweet things to where you fall back in love with them.
Plus my future husband who will one day become the future EX husband, doesnt live near me, so see, I will wait on him with my cats and my one really big dog! It all works out!

*Kyleo, hush your mouth...........

Friday, December 03, 2004

Things that rock

*My Nose Spray
*Cherry Vodka
*My Pretty girl......mokey
*My blanket
*My friends
*My ability to party like a Rockstar then come to work the next day
*Diet Coke

I think that is all for now!


Well Well Well........yes another lovely evening! Seriously, it was!
I went out last night and met a couple of friends and let me just tell you, we did it RIGHT last night.

I dont even know where to begin to explain the night we had, I will just give key points.
It would take WAY to long to write it all out, but there will be context clues, so everyone should be just fine!

*Our favorite bar order us 5 bottles of cherry vodka
*They probably have 4 bottles left.
*B's first shot of the whole night, was straight jager( poor poor girl, but she is a trooper)
*left Bar #1, headed to bar #2, not real sure about the car ride, but I do know I was sending some CRAZY text messgs.
*Vulgar mouth, pretty much owed the right side of the bar and no one was getting thru and no one but him was paying, which I LOVED
*We soooooo WERE ROCKSTARS last night
*went out to the car.............(we wont finish that, lets move on)
*I danced for 5 mins alone, almost fell over, so I went back to the bar
* I stoped doing shots a LONG time before everyone else. I just started giving them to who ever was close
*B found another "grandma", I think granny might of gave her # to a young gentleman...Pretty sure
*B made the DJ "pinky promise" that we would be Judges for the "male hard body", but when he called our names, well we never made it up there. B was talking to some guy and well I was giving someone my # and a tour of my tonsils........Ohh silly me, I dont have tonsils.
*B made a late night call which lead to a 3 min voicemail messg which I KNOW she regrets today

This is all I have right now, more to come later....well Maybe but needless to say, it was a GOOD MF NIGHT................